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To grow the global portfolio of Easy Living and MDDR solutions and provide strategic direction around this business area, Allianz Partners appoints Ashwin Juneja as the Global Head of Easy Living and MDDR. Ashwin will steer Easy Living, which encompasses lifecare, convenience services, and home care solutions, as well as MDDR, which covers mobile and digital risks products including appliance, device, online banking and cyber protection.
Since COVID-19 forced the world into lockdown, the role of our home has become more central to our lives than ever before. It is no longer just a place where we come to sleep and relax; The home is becoming a multi-functional digital fortress: it’s a hub for work, for learning, and a medical care center, as predicted in Allianz Partners’ Reopening the World: Life After COVID-19 Report. With our homes playing an increasingly important part of daily life, Allianz Partners has enhanced its home assistance offering to build a one-stop-shop ecosystem that provides meaningful solutions for key life moments, such as buying a home or a car, starting a family or retiring.
In addition to her current role as Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Lydie Hippon-Darde will lead the New Models unit to reinforce and accelerate Allianz Partners’ activity in emerging ecosystems and boost customer centricity and innovation. Lydie will report directly to Allianz Partners Group CEO, Sirma Boshnakova. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has provided many employees with new and more flexible options on where, when and how they work, with working from home being enforced by government guidance in many cases. But it has also challenged their physical and mental health, productivity, and ability to communicate effectively at work. This is according to new research published today by the Economist Intelligence Unit, supported by Allianz Partners. The research, contained in ‘The Future of Work and Digital Wellbeing – protecting employees in a COVID-19-shaped world’, surveyed 1,000 full-time employees working from home in the UK, Canada, France, Singapore and United Arab Emirates due to government restrictions imposed during COVID-19.
The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the digitalisation of healthcare services with the demand for remote consultation and advice growing significantly. As Allianz Partners’ Life after COVID-19 report predicts that digital health technology will become the norm, the company has expanded its range of digitally-accessible healthcare solutions which allow for onvenience, safety, reassurance and cost efficiency while providing peace of mind to customers.
Allianz Partners, a world leader in assistance, travel insurance, international health and mobility services, today announced two new Board nominations:
Effective from September 1st 2020, Tomas Kunzmann is appointed CEO Assistance and member of Allianz Partners’ Board of Management.
Effective from August 1st 2020, Damien Ladous is appointed Chief Financial Officer and member of Allianz Partners’ Board of Management.

To expand its footprint in the global student mobility market, Christophe Aniel takes on a new role at Allianz Partners as Global Head of International Student Mobility. He will lead the recently-created Global Student Mobility Initiative (GSMI) that aims to develop and grow the range of international student health, wellness and travel services on offer across the world.


Allianz Partners announces today that it is now a core member of the CharIN Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.), an association aiming to develop and establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles (EV). As a core member of CharIN, Allianz Partners will share its expertise and insights and engage with other key actors to help to shape the EV mobility of tomorrow.


In its mission to support employees in a serene and smooth return to the office, Allianz Partners has created a medical helpline accessible by phone, where Allianz Partners medical assistance doctors are available to answer questions related to employees’ personal medical situations. Launched at the beginning of June, the Peace of Mind helpline is available in English, German, Spanish and French, and it is open to all Allianz Group employees across 70 countries.


Allianz Partners, via its specialized automotive brand Allianz Automotive, and Ford Credit Europe (FCE) today announced that they have extended their motor insurance collaboration. Both companies initiated the arrangement in 2013 to provide Ford customers with state-of-the-art insurance solutions and have since collaborated in a number of markets, including Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


With operations being a key driver of Allianz Partners’ transformation, Lars Rogge joins the Allianz Partners Board of Management as Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Sirma Boshnakova, CEO of Allianz Partners. His appointment is effective as of April 2020. 


In a new report, Allianz Partners looks at how personal mobility, travel, the home and healthcare may evolve in 2021 due to COVID-19. With the end of the global pandemic predicted to come in December 20201, a new way of living will emerge, and the world will be very different. Allianz Partners commissioned Futurologist Ray Hammond to anticipate and envisage some early patterns of change which are likely to shape this new world. 


With one in four adults suffering from some form of mental disorder, mental health is a major challenge facing businesses today. In its mission to provide access to quality care as quickly and easily as possible, Allianz Partners is announcing a new partnership with digital mental health pioneer HelloBetter, to offer fully digital, scientifically-proven solutions for mental wellbeing. 


Lime, the global leader in shared smart mobility solutions, and Allianz, via its Allianz Partners entity dedicated to assistance and insurance solutions, have entered into a global strategic partnership focused on improving the safety of micromobility. Together, Lime and Allianz have launched a comprehensive insurance program that automatically provides Lime riders with two types of insurance: Personal Accident Insurance, and Liability Insurance, at no extra cost.


Allianz Partners, a world leader in insurance and assistance services, today announced another year of strong results with 6.7 billion euros in total revenue and an operating profit of 240.6 million euros.

Allianz Partners - Financial results 2019
Allianz Partners - Financial results 2019

To enhance the group's presence in the Asia Pacific region, Vinay Surana joins Allianz Partners as Regional Chief Executive Officer.

His appointment was effective 23rd March, 2020. 


From an outbreak in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus has transformed itself into a pandemic, shaking worldwide the best-laid plans for 2020. As of March 13, more than 130,000 cases have been detected, with nearly 5,000 deaths globally. Anne Lepetit, Chief Medical Officer of Allianz Partners, shares some information on the virus and how individuals can slow its spread...


To enhance the success of its global strategic partnerships and further support the company strategy, Jean-Marc Pailhol joins Allianz Partners as Chief Global Strategic Partnership Officer and Member of the Board. 

His appointment was effective 1st January 2020.


Mobility will be cleaner, safer and more efficient than ever as fossil-fuel vehicles shift to vehicles with electric engines, advanced technology in autonomous cars transforms road safety, and vehicles will become more of a software platform according to a report from Allianz Partners.