Our internal DataLab offers valuable insights into customer behavior and psychographic intelligence. This enables us to develop solutions that enhance the customer experience.
We play a supporting role in the lives of your customers and employees, facilitating a smoother flow of life, be it at home, at the workplace or on the move.
We are a global community of experts, spanning across 75 countries, with a robust network of more than 900,000 dedicated professionals across the world.
A client's car broke on the way to his wedding. Our team called every tow company and located one that would  pick up the car and even drive him to the church.
Varun's Story_Allianz Partners
The true story of Varun Sharma, an employee of Allianz Partners India who was called to support a customer whose car had broken down in front of a hospital in Chandigarh. When Varun arrived, he found there was much more at stake than a vehicle in need of repair.
Allianz Partners has joined forces with Paris 2024 and offers event ticket cancellation insurance starting from October 9, 2023.
Allianz Partners today announced its full year 2022 results with 8.2 billion euros1 in total revenue and an operating profit of 260 million euros
Allianz Global Benefits GmbH, the employee benefits network of the Allianz Group, has joined Allianz Partners, as of January 1, 2023.