Mobility is going through a huge transition. Our report explores three mindset shifts changing the sector: the growing appetite for greener transport options, the move away from ownership of vehicles, and people’s increasing openness to new forms of micro-mobility. 
Allianz Partners’ International Vacation Confidence Index has found that most European travelers are planning higher travel spending, despite ongoing cost of living pressure and stubbornly high inflation. The survey found that very strong travel demand remains: 85% of respondents plan to take a vacation this summer. International travel intentions have increased again, with 43% planning a foreign trip in summer 2023, up 4 points on 2022.
Allianz Partners’ International Vacation Confidence Index has found that almost two-thirds (63%) of people across nine European countries expect to take a leisure trip of three days or more between January and March, either domestically or abroad, showing strong travel intentions across Europe this winter.
People’s thinking on health and healthcare is changing. Discover the shifts in mindset that will help to address the issues facing healthcare and improve outcomes for the future.
The travel industry has never experienced anything like the last three years. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers are now facing new uncertainties of geopolitical instability, rising energy costs and soaring inflation.
Allianz Partners launches report exploring the unprecedented acceleration of healthcare trends beyond the timelines predicted in ‘The World in 2040’ series just three years ago.
After several years of travel restrictions, what percentage of Europeans and Americans plan to take a vacation this summer? How much will the average family plan to spend this year, in the context of rising costs?
   Allianz Partners surveyed over 9,000 people
   across 9 countries about their travel plans and
   confidence to travel this winter (2021-2022). 
In a series of press releases, Allianz Partners examines the implications of the pandemic on customer needs and expectations, and outlines the solutions proposed by each of its line of business. 
Allianz Partners supported The Economist Intelligence Unit with a research programme, which surveyed 1000 full-time employees working from home in the UK, Canada, France, Singapore and UAE, during the COVID-19 pandemic.