Helping to shape
the future of healthcare

As a health and life insurance expert, we pride ourselves in ensuring customers have access to quality healthcare through our support, care and commitment to going the extra mile . Our aim is to be a truly global health partner that gives fast and easy access to the best advice, treatment and value. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the projected timeline for many developments in healthcare and medical science. 
This has resulted in the delivery of new treatments and medicines years earlier than previously predicted. The new report, commissioned 
from futurist Ray Hammond, explores the unprecedented acceleration of healthcare and medical trends outlined in the original 
publication just three years ago. 

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Our global healthcare solutions cover expatriates, global citizens, locals and third country nationals. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and so we have solutions for private families and individuals, for small, medium and large muliti-nationals, IGOs and NGOs as well as for our partner companies. We have clients in most industry sectors who rely on us todeliver best in class healthcare cover and support. We’re there for them, day and night, providing support in times of uncertainty with the help of our expert medical teams and award-winning service. 
When an elderly customer became seriously ill on a cruise near Oman, we quickly navigated complicated issues in Oman including hospitals refusing liability and the patient being considered too ill to be repatriated to Switzerland. Overcoming the odds, our teams were eventually able to get him home and ensure his return to health was comfortable and safe. 
To help understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employees, and give employers advice on the best ways to support the mental health of their teams, we commissioned IPSOS MRBI to create the Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace report,  surveying 1,535 people around the world. 
We’re innovating healthcare with our Digital Access to Care, a range of digital services that give people access to care. This includes Doctor Chat, accessed through a Digital Health Assistant.  Doctor Chat provides immediate medical advice from trusted local doctors in 5 languages. Customers can receive personalised responses within minutes and ask follow-up questions to the same doctor. 
Next Gen is what we call our future administration model, a health ecosystem orchestrator which is connected horizontally and vertically with other Allianz assets and partners. It will cover the entire patient journey, seamlessly integrating offline and online activities, supporting informed choices and managed care.