Leveraging innovation
to deliver meaningful value

As a global innovator, we are focused on delivering value for our business partners and their customers, whilst driving best-in-class customer experiences and satisfaction. With this obsession in mind, we create optimal conditions to accelerate innovation, improve business efficiency and trigger sustainable growth.
Working together to ideate, create value and foster change. Championing constant cross-collaboration across geographies and lines of businesses.
Creating the right conditions for creativity to thrive and supporting our people in generating, developing and implementing innovative ideas.
Using the power of our diverse global teams to strengthen, create and explore. Providing tools and methodologies which encourage a test and learn approach. 
Your personal AI-enabled telehealth platform that provides medical advice as instantly and conveniently as a friendly conversation – 24/7. Find out more here.
Pioneering help in the home, Click & Assist provides a fully digital point of contact for home health emergencies, allowing enhanced autonomy, freedom and peace of mind.


When we work with business partners, we offer tailored and specialized products which are shaped thanks to our very own consumer intelligence incubator, the Customer Lab. Working with our business partners, we first identify customer profiles based on their specific business model and requirements.  Using these criteria, we use our Customer Lab consumer data and segmentation to help identify a proxy for key target customers. Using our data tools, we are able to collect information on behaviors including opinions, motivations, frustrations, pain-points, interest & penetration levels. Identifying business opportunities, we then recommend a holistic suite of solutions and illustrate how we can deliver services that match the needs of specific target customers.