Allianz Partners has commissioned Futurologist Ray Hammond to look at how homelife will be transformed globally over the next 20 years.

Super-Smart Living : the mid 21st Century Home’ looks at the likely future developments and trends in homelife and housing between now and 2040. The report finds that super-smart advances in security, technology and entertainment will transform homelife, making homes across the world more secure, convenient and sustainable by 2040.

The report is part of ‘The World in 2040’  Futurology Series looking at a wide range of trends and topics in the context of Allianz Partners’ specific areas of expertise: international health, assistance, automotive and travel insurance, as part of Allianz Partners’ commitment to innovating and anticipating the needs of its customers. Allianz Partners offers home assistance services through the Allianz Assistance brand.

Ray Hammond has almost 40 years’ experience writing and speaking about the trends that will shape the future. He was awarded a U.N. Gold Medal for Services to Futurology in 2010. Ray’s long record of accurate foresight is unique in Europe and he is now living in the future he first described almost 40 years’ ago. Ray now provides keynote speeches, lectures and workshops for companies, governments and universities all over the world. He has delivered guest lectures at Oxford University’s Oxford-Martin School, CASS Business School and Lund University. Ray is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).
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