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Allianz Partners Switzerland makes early arrangements for CEO succession. Pia Bodner, previously Head of the Office of the CEO of Allianz Partners Group, will succeed Olaf Nink as CEO of Allianz Partners Switzerland on 01. May 2024.
Booking behaviour is changing back to old patterns, while the issue of sustainability in travel planning is still far from being a mass phenomenon.
The latest Allianz Partners study on travel confidence shows that the Swiss population has a high willingness to travel despite natural disasters, rising travel costs and security concerns. Switzerland leads not only in Europe but also in domestic tourism, recording a significant increase in travel confidence as well as travel budgets.
With effect from 1 January 2023, Nico Zehnder will take over as CEO of our company in Bern, Medi24.
The recovery of the travel market has accelerated further, but has not yet reached pre-Corona levels. Many uncertainties about further Corona waves are dampening the desire to travel. The wanderlust is there, from the USA to Canada, Iceland, Thailand, Japan and Australia - but most people are still travelling within Switzerland or to neighboring countries.
As the world begins to move away from Covid 19 restrictions, a new, monetary obstacle has emerged to impose a restriction on travellers. The uncertain economic situation poses the biggest challenge for travellers this summer. This the second edition of the International Travel Confidence Survey of 9,107 people in 9 countries.
The results of the International Travel Confidence Survey show Mr. and Mrs. Swiss are keen to travel abroad again by spring 2022. Compared to other countries such as Spain, Italy or America, however, they are not planning too far ahead. More than 9,000 people from Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA were surveyed for this study.
In the last 12 months, travel has once again dropped sharply compared to pre-Corona years. From a pre-Corona average of 2.8 holidays per year, Mr. and Mrs. Swiss currently travel only 1.7 times.