As a health and life insurance expert, we pride ourselves in ensuring customers have access to quality healthcare through our support, care and commitment to going the extra mile. Our aim is to be a truly global health partner that gives fast and easy access to the best advice, treatment and value. 
The health-related services provided by Allianz Partners Switzerland are many and diverse. We want to support people in all situations and circumstances with innovative products and services and see ourselves as a piece of the puzzle within a strong partner network.
As a market leader in telemedicine, medical assistance and travel insurance our overriding objective is to create health-related added value for our customers and at the same time reduce costs wherever possible. In this way we are making an important contribution to a modern healthcare system in Switzerland.

Our brand Allianz Care provides international health, life and disability insurance and associated services to customers who include multinational companies, intergovernmental organisations as well as private individuals and families.

In a world that brings people to be more and more mobile, we ensure that you don’t have to worry about access to healthcare, anywhere your busy life takes you.

With our international solutions designed to suit mobility requirements, we ensure access to healthcare, either in Switzerland or anywhere else. For more information, please visit: or connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Medi24 is part of the Allianz Partners Group and is a telemedicine competence centre with the status of a Swiss medical practice. The company employs an interdisciplinary team of 250 employees, including doctors, nurses and customer service representatives who conduct teleconsultations, advise people on medical matters and provide a 24/7 telephone service for emergency and medical practice telephones. The services are offered in Swiss German, German, French, Italian and English.

You can find further information about our services and partners here.
The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the projected timeline for many developments in healthcare and medical science. This has resulted in the delivery of new treatments and medicines years earlier than previously predicted. The new report, commissioned from futurist Ray Hammond, explores the unprecedented acceleration of healthcare and medical trends outlined in the original publication just three years ago.
Our global healthcare solutions cover expatriates, global citizens, locals and third country nationals. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and so we have solutions for private families and individuals, for small, medium and large muliti-nationals, IGOs and NGOs as well as for our partner companies. We have clients in most industry sectors who rely on us todeliver best in class healthcare cover and support. We’re there for them, day and night, providing support in times of uncertainty with the help of our expert medical teams and award-winning service.