Allianz Partners has launched the allyz digital platform to provide users with reliable advice, expertise, and access to a comprehensive range of insurance benefits. Either available as a mobile app or a web app, allyz serves as a convenient one-stop-shop, offering services and benefits on all the lines of business composing the company’s expertise: travel, cyber care, home and easy living and mobility.

allyz Travel 

The allyz Travel solutions platform aims to enhance the overall and holistic experience, ensuring peace of mind for end-users, offering pre-travel advice, inspiration, a centralized repository for travel documents, and information on local services during travel.

allyz Cyber Care 

As online threats, scams, and data security breaches become increasingly common, individuals seek reassurance in their digital endeavors. Allyz Cyber Care solutions offers services such as private VPN, secure browsing, parental controls, antivirus protection, and online identity safeguards.