Our home modifications services help make the homes of your customers easier to live in, especially if they have had an injury, have reduced mobility or after surgery or a health-related incident.

We have a nationwide network of qualified tradespeople to help when your customers need to make changes to their homes. The installation of ramps, rails and non-slip surfaces can make everyday tasks more effortless and help reduce the risk of injury. We ensure modifications are completed to a high standard, and our experienced providers can also provide advice on selecting the right product to install.


The right equipment can help remove barriers and allow your customers to enjoy their lives more fully. With a clinical assessment from an occupational therapist, we can help your customers be more comfortable, safe and mobile.

Our extensive selection includes more than 350 mobility aids and appliances. Our dedicated health services team has industry experience and is passionate about making your customers' lives easier. Our network of professionals can help your customers find the best equipment for their unique situation or health condition.