Elderly women draping her arms over an elderly man's shoulders in an embrace. Both people are smiling.

Assistance when it 
really matters

Our Home & Easy Living services provide caring, qualified support across a range of applications and services to enhance the lives of the elderly, veterans and patients.

Our extensive networks of health professionals and other providers offer in-home assistance to help patients recover from surgery or adjust to changes in life with self-assurance and dignity. 

We offer a broad range of medical aids, appliances and services for clinical and non-clinical settings.

Allianz Partners offers you and your customers the benefit of two decades worth of local expertise, backed by our global knowledge. Our end-to-end service and case management experience extends beyond our medical capabilities into domestic assistance and maintenance. We connect you and your customers to our extensive network of health professionals via our Australian call centre.
With Allianz Partners you will join an extensive network of health and other professionals including Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Handymen, Cleaners, and other professionals. Together with our network of caring professionals, we have been delivering Home & Easy Assistance services, including home modifications, for over two decades.