Whistleblower Policy

Voice your concerns: Allianz Partners reporting channels

At Allianz Partners, we value fairness, integrity, and clear and open communication. We are committed to the highest standard of conduct and ethical behaviour.

Our Whistleblower Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how and to whom ‘protected disclosures’ must be made in order to qualify for the protection under the Australian Whistleblowing Regime.

Our Policy sets out how ‘protected disclosures’ can confidently and (if desired) anonymously be reported in a protected manner, without fear of discriminatory or recriminatory treatment.

View our Whistleblowing Policy here.

How to make a report

All eligible persons can report through one of following reporting services. Any disclosure can be made anonymously.

Over the phone: From within Australia 1800 325 363

By Email: contact@agaspeakup.net

online via the BKMS reporting channel