BRISBANE, Australia, June 10, 2024 -- The inaugural Allianz Partners State of Student Healthcare Report confirms the cost-of-living crisis is impacting international students. The research found 81% of students are struggling with housing affordability while over 75% of students reported taking steps to reduce their spending and proactively manage their finances. Alarmingly, 1 in 3 students said they can't afford to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

In 2023, The Department of Education [1]reported over 780,000 international students studied in Australia. International students contribute $34bn in export income to the Australian economy making the sector vital for the Australian economy and the prosperity of the higher education system.

Miranda Fennell, Executive Head of Health at Allianz Partners Australia, said not only does the State of Student Healthcare Report show how students are struggling with housing affordability, the report has also delved into the mental health of students.

“Our data found that 41% of students reported having a mental health condition, only 1 in 5 students have sought treatment for their mental health and 77% of students studying in Australia reported experiencing feelings of loneliness. International students are not only vital contributors to our nation’s economy, but they are also deeply integrated into the diverse fabric of our multicultural society. These statistics highlight that they require more support in Australia.”

“University education for international students is touted as one of Australia’s most successful exports and many of Australia’s universities also rely on international student fees to fund their research. In order to grow this sector and make it sustainable, it's vital we support students in having a positive experience when coming to Australia”.

"We are committed to providing a continuum of care rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of international students. This report reflects our commitment to creating intentional healthcare solutions to support international students in the moments that matter,” Miranda added.

The report delves into the needs, attitudes, understanding, and behaviors of international students, offering valuable insights into their health and wellbeing. The insights gleaned from the report will guide Allianz Partners Australia in implementing tailored solutions to enhance the overall wellbeing and experiences of international students in Australia. By collaborating with partners across the country, the company aims to ensure international students remain happy, healthy, and study ready.

The report also found the top student stresses to be:

  1. 63% Cost of living in Australia
  2. 55% Studying for exams
  3. 48% Studying during the semester
  4. 38% Social situations/relationships
  5. 27% Lack of support in Australia
  6. 3% Other

Ines Rio, Associate Professor and Chief Medical Officer at Monash University commented on the report launching today “An extremely valuable report that provides insights on the challenges faced by international students and how they can be better supported”

The Hon. Phil Honeywood, CEO, International Education Association of Australia also commented, “Clearly, Allianz Partners, are continuing on their path of investing back into the international education sector with meaningful research outputs and data. Rather than just being profit driven they acknowledge that the young people they serve require increasing levels of community based support. Allianz Partners are to be commended for doing their bit at the very time when international students need it the most.” 

The release of the State of Student Healthcare Report underscores Allianz Partners Australia's dedication to providing international students with care, convenience, and confidence, contributing to their success in Australia.

[1] Allianz Partners

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