Brisbane, 6 September 2022

Allianz Care Australia has launched a home treatment program for its overseas student health insurance members who require cancer treatment in Australia. The program allows members to receive cancer treatment at home instead of in hospital. The objective of the program is to improve the lives of overseas students and to provide another option for persons who require cancer treatment.

Allianz Care Australia’s home treatment program will provide repeat cycle treatment including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, chronic illness infusions and other supportive therapies that are commonly prescribed for cancer treatment.

The program is supported by Nuevo Health (part of IQVIA) and will be available throughout 2022 for Allianz Care’s overseas student health cover members. Allianz Care plans to make the program available to its overseas visitor health cover members in 2023.

To participate in the program, Allianz Care overseas student health cover members must be considered stable, have already received at least three doses of treatment in hospital with no adverse reactions, have a suitable and safe home environment and have served any waiting periods under their policy.

Allianz Partners Australia Chief Medical Officer, Dr Geoff Ramin, said the program will provide members with personalised care in the comfort and safety of their own home.

“Being diagnosed with cancer is a significant and often life-changing event. For overseas students, the situation is often compounded by being in a foreign country away from the support of friends and family,” Dr Ramin said.

“Cancer treatment is often highly disruptive and can involve extended hospital stays over many months or years depending on the diagnosis and type of cancer. This new program will limit disruption to study, work, and everyday life, and help our members maintain their independence.”

“Participants won’t need to travel to or wait for treatment in hospital, which will also reduce the risk of catching common hospital infections when they are immunocompromised. All the while being supported to ensure successful and safe delivery of chemotherapy in the home.”

Emma Morgan, Director of Student Health, Counselling and Wellbeing at Griffith University said the Allianz Care Australia initiative will be life-changing for overseas students who face the difficulty of being diagnosed with cancer.

“International students can be very vulnerable, particularly when faced with life-altering news away from the support of their loved ones. We welcome this personalised approach to care which will no doubt help ensure affected students can complete their studies and go about their lives with as little disruption as possible,” Ms Morgan said.

“The pandemic only highlighted the incredible contributions international students make to our economy. But international students are currently entering the country at less than 20 per cent of pre-COVID levels. Programs like Allianz Care’s will allow overseas students to receive cancer treatment in their homes and remain in Australia rather than have to return to their country of origin to receive home treatment.”

Allianz Care recommends that overseas students who require cancer treatment discuss their suitability for the home cancer treatment with their treating oncologist or medical specialist. For more information, visit


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