Brisbane, 29 March 2021

With Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) data revealing Easter as a peak period for roadside breakdowns,¹ Aussies who are travelling this Easter are reminded how to arrive without the need for a rescue.

Despite a nationwide lockdown over the Easter period last year, the number of roadside rescues dropped just 30 per cent to an average of 385 every day.

The year prior, AGA’s rapid response network helped more than 7,700 Aussie drivers get back on the road safely during the Easter break – that’s more than 550 rescues a day.

AGA is preparing for record-breaking road trip volumes, but hopes that does not equate to record volumes of breakdowns.

Over his 24 years working as a Roadside Assistance technician for AGA, Gerry Gee has been on his fair share of rescue missions, and shares his top tips for smooth road trips this Easter:

  1. Keep your keys on you – It’s important to always keep your keys on your person. Always ensure you leave one door open when you are loading or unloading the car to avoid the car automatically locking and getting too warm. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the car’s central locking functions and, if stepping away from the car (even for a moment!), to take your child or animal with you.
  2. Plan ahead – Be sure to plan your route in advance and leave with plenty of time to spare, and, if possible, avoid peak travelling times. Make sure you also keep an eye on the weather before you depart, as bad weather might cause delays or hazardous conditions.
  3. Take a break – Stop and take regular breaks so that you’re physically and mentally recharged. Wherever possible, share the driving with a friend or relative to avoid fatigue!
  4. Check your car before hitting the road – It may sound simple enough, but it’s important to make sure your car has a full tank of fuel. It’s also a good idea to check your oil and tyre pressure before setting off on your travels. An oil check will ensure your engine is properly lubricated in the warm weather.
  5. Make sure you have assistance – You never know when you may need assistance, so it’s important to ensure you’ve got support if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Researching and securing a roadside provider who can meet your needs is an important item for any pre-trip list, to ensure you can get help when it’s most needed.

“It’s fair to say we’ve seen a lot on the road. It’s always better to be prepared and have your roadside assistance number handy, especially ahead of long road trips,” said Gerry Gee.

“It pays to give your vehicle a quick check before you hit the road as well, from tyre pressure to oil level so you can pick up any issues before you hit the road. We’re encouraging Aussies to wait until they have arrived at their destination before switching into holiday mode,” added Mr Gee.

More than 150,000 Australian drivers are rescued from roadside breakdowns every year, through the assistance provided by AGA, one of the world’s leading assistance companies.

Through the work of AGA’s 24/7 contact centre and emergency support team, hundreds of drivers throughout Australia are assisted in their times of need, each and every day.

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¹ Source: AGA Roadside Data, 2019-2020