WGEA Employer Statement

At Allianz Partners, we recognise the value that a diverse and inclusive culture brings, and actively employ people from various cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and skillsets to ensure our workforce reflects the diversity of society.  A diverse, inclusive workplace gives our people a safe space to bring their whole selves to work which means they can give their best to securing the future of our customers each and every single day.

We strive to achieve equal opportunities and outcomes for our women and men.  This is evidenced in the obtainment of our Workplace Gender Equality Agency (‘WGEA’) Compliance Certificate, our accreditation at an accelerated level for the EDGE Move Certification and the focus from our local NEO Committee.

One important aspect of achieving workplace gender equality, and one that is reported to WGEA, is gender pay gap.  This shows the difference between the average and median pay of women and men across organisations, industries and the workforce.

According to the analysis conducted by WGEA, our gender pay gap is 22.1%, a result that is 15.3% better than our industry benchmark.  Our ongoing efforts to address this outcome has seen our gender pay gap decrease by 4.8% since 2020, however we recognise we have more work to do to close the gap entirely. 

It is important to reiterate that we don’t pay people differently based on gender.  Our data indicates we have a disproportionate concentration of men in the upper quartile and women in the lower quartile, which can drive a positive gender pay gap where men are paid on average more than women.

Our commitment to achieving gender equality moving forward is to ensure we set a formal policy that supports gender equality overall and involve you in its development.  In addition, we aim to increase the representation of women in executive and senior leadership roles, increase the representation of males in our contact centres and address the imbalance of males and females in part-time roles. 

We acknowledge that overcoming barriers standing in the way of a more equivalent workplace will take time and persistence and requires cultural change.  We will continue to strengthen and build on our efforts and will focus on other key strategies to ensure we are delivering on, and are recognised for, gender equality, diversity and inclusion within our company.