Allianz Partners launches allyz Cyber Care, aimed at protecting customers against cyber threats

Allianz Partners launches allyz Cyber Care, aimed at protecting customers against cyber threats

The new allyz Cyber Care is now available in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. This digital companion for the digital self, aims to provide full peace of mind through a combination of prevention technology, assistance services, and insurance for digital life.

28 May 2024: Allianz Partners, a world leader in insurance and assistance services, today announced the launch of allyz Cyber Care[1] . This digital solution aims to protect users against cyber threats and compliments physical wellbeing with digital security and protection in a world where the real and digital worlds merge to expose people to new threats. The solution will allow business partners to strengthen their value propositions to their end customers by offering innovative and holistic protection combining prevention security services, assistance services and insurance benefits - all in one place for their customers. Allyz Cyber Care is now available in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, with plans for further rollout globally.

allyz Cyber Care was developed in response to the rising level of cyber threats, which has been cited as the number one concern for businesses and customers today, according to the recent Allianz Global Risk Barometer. This new solution will address these concerns to businesses and end-users through holistic end-to-end protection composed of:

  • Prevention security services which include:

- Private VPN - Helping customers to protect and shield their online presence
- Safe Browsing - Warning about suspicious web pages and blocking scam sites
- Antiviruses - Protecting from viruses, trojans, ransomware and other malware
- Online Identity Protection - Allowing customers to monitor their valuable data online and get alerts and guidance when breaches are detected
- Password vault - Managing and storing passwords in a secure digital safe
- Parental Control - Setting limits for children’s screen time and blocking harmful content

  • e-Reputation intervention to support with the remediation of issues such as online identity theft and cyber bullying through professional help and expert guidance.
  • Insurance compensation in case of monetary damage. The online banking protection covers certain financial losses due to online fraudulent transactions for example caused by phishing. Online shopping protection covers issues with delivery and return of online purchases, in accordance with the terms and conditions and the limits of the coverage. Data Recovery intervention helps with recovery attempt of personal data from a damaged device. Insurance is provided by AWP P&C S.A. Dutch Branch.

Speaking about the launch, Genoveva Perez-Lijo, Global Head of Easy Living and Mobile Device and Digital Risks (MDDR) at Allianz Partners said: "We know the vast majority of our customers go online daily for their everyday tasks, so protecting those customers and their digital selves is a huge priority for us. allyz Cyber Care is a digital, holistic, yet simple solution for cyber threats, which we know are one of the biggest concerns for our customers. Cyber security was noted as the top global risk in this year’s Allianz Risk barometer, by a clear margin of 5% for the first time, at 36% of respondents. Likewise, the last Allianz Partners Customer Lab research found 41% of global consumers feel at risk of cybercrime and 33% had already experienced cybercrime within the previous 12 months.  

“With allyz Cyber Care, Allianz Partners is committed to providing solutions focused on prevention, so that customers can avoid cyber threats from occurring in the first place. However, if a customer is exposed to cybercrime, we are available to provide assistance and compensate losses or damages suffered. This is a unique and pioneering solution that aims to create a more secure cyber world for all our customers so they can enjoy full peace of mind, just a click away.”

For further information about allyz Cyber Care, please visit:

Germany: allyz Cyber Care - Schütze dein digitales Leben

France: allyz Cyber Care - Protégez votre vie numérique

Netherlands: allyz Cybercare - Bescherm jouw digitale leven

Italy: allyz Cyber Care – Proteggi tuoi dati online  


[1] Consisting of an insurance product provided by AWP P&C S.A. branch in the Netherlands and a service product provided by AP Solutions GmbH,
a service company of the Allianz Group.