Allianz Partners announces the launch of the allyz mobile app, your one-stop-shop companion
  • The launch cements Allianz Partners’ position as a world-leader in the provision of digital insurance, assistance, and travel-related services
  • All users will receive 6 months of free access to cyber care services to protect their digital life

Global | 24 January 2024

Allianz Partners has today announced the launch of the allyz mobile app, a digital platform providing travelers with trusted advice and expertise as well as access to the full suite of insurance benefits available to customers. The launch of the mobile app in France, Germany and the Netherlands is an important milestone in the expansion of Allianz Partners' digital platform, with the rollout of new digitally accessible services to continue across all lines of business until 2024.

Allianz Partners understands that in today’s market, it’s not just about travel insurance, but the overall, holistic experience and peace of mind for the end-user. Introduced as a web app in 2020, allyz offers a one-stop shop for users with pre-travel advice and inspiration, as well as a convenient space to store all travel documents and access information on local services whilst travelling.

Speaking about the launch, Tomas Kunzmann, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Partners said: "Today's travelers want more than just the financial protection that insurance provides. They rightly expect a "peace of mind" experience when traveling – an intuitive and seamless solution for all circumstances that goes far beyond traditional insurance coverage. That's exactly what we've combined in our allyz solution, which is just one click away - on every customer's mobile phone; it's a leap into a future where insurance is truly integrated into our customers' everyday lives through our state-of-the-art digital platforms. This is allyz."

Peace of mind – just a click away

Following today's launch of the mobile app, customers who have travel insurance from Allianz Partners in Germany, France and the Netherlands can download allyz to their mobile phones and access unique benefits such as lounge access, advance claims processing, travel health information and access to Doctor Chat when needed, anytime, anywhere, from the palm of their hand.  Anyone can download the app free of charge, and the full suite of services can be unlocked with the purchase of a travel insurance policy.

With the increasing prevalence of online threats including scams and data security breaches, people are looking for peace of mind in their digital lives. Allyz customers will benefit from 6 months of free access to the allyz Security app, an ever-evolving digital solution designed to complement physical well-being with digital security and protection. The app provides users with services such as private VPN, safe browsing, parental controls, antivirus and online identity protection. From prevention tools to remediation assistance and insurance coverage in the event of a cyber risk, allyz Security aims to make digital life worry-free.

A strategic focus on best-in-class digital solutions

The technical development, including state-of-the-art UI and UX design, was driven by Simplesurance. Acquired by Allianz in 2022, Berlin-based Simplesurance provides market-leading technology for embedded insurance, a core element when it comes to offering customers not only policies, but also comfort and convenience.

The allyz app is powered by Amadeus Hey!, the traveller servicing platform from Amadeus. Thanks to Amadeus Hey! APIs, allyz delivers a digital assistant experience, offering personalized services and instant trip updates all along the traveller’s journey. This integration enhances the overall travel experience and ultimately helps build customer loyalty by anticipating their needs at every step.

Allyz offers business partners the opportunity to enhance their offering to their customers with a varied suite of products and services that they can integrate into their existing digital ecosystems, either under the trusted Allianz brand or under a white label.

Tomas Kunzmann concluded, “Our allyz solution is truly the first of its kind, offering a holistic suite of services, and we're confident the launch will enable our partners to strengthen and deepen customer relationships. With this best-in-class digital solution, customers are enabled to take control over their travel experience and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that Allianz Partners is always there to help: Just a click away."

With today’s launch, the allyz mobile app is available in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, with plans to roll out to the USA and Italy in Q1 2024, making the app available to all customers. The website version of the platform, which includes the same features, is also available in the launch markets, as well as in Spain and Italy.

The app can be downloaded here in android and here in app store.