We work with a large number of providers across the world, including over 800,000 global medical partners. We therefore have the geographical coverage and ability to respond fast to customers’ needs.
We constantly ensure that our providers meet the highest quality standards through training, audit and evaluations. That way, we can be confident that customers receive the very best help.
We are committed to outstanding customer service and aim to make people’s lives simpler and safer. We handle cases from start to finish. For example if a customer has an accident abroad we form an emergency intervention plan, notify and deploy the appropriate resources and keep the customer constantly informed.
In order to maintain our excellent delivery of services we continuously invest in improving our solutions. We strive to use the latest technologies to manage our provider networks and to increase customer touch points. The result is more efficient, stable and secure solutions.

Testimonial from an Allianz Assistance student customer

One of our customers, a student, was involved in an Asiana Airlines incident. Allianz Assistance provided help from start to finish, arranging local transport, food and accommodation, communication with her family, physical and psychological check-ups, visa applications for the family to fly out to be with her and doctor telephone services. 

Thanks to these Assistance services, our customer completed the medical screenings in the shortest possible time following the accident and was able to soon return to her family in a physically and psychologically healthy state.

Testimonial from an Allianz Assistance customer service specialist

At 4am one morning, the E-call system alarm rang and we received a panicked call from a customer who had been in a car accident. We immediately arranged an ambulance and the traffic police to find the car and take our customer to hospital where his injuries were taken care of. 

We remained on the phone with our customer, constantly informing him of what was happening. This kept him calm and reassured him that help was on its way.

Testimonial from an Allianz Assistance customer

We received a call from a customer whose car had swerved off a narrow country road into a ditch. After checking that he was not injured we immediately sent a crane and towing truck to the site, where the car was recovered from the ditch. 

It was later that evening that the car was recovered and the customer was driven home.

He told us: ‘Your assistance is truly professional and considerate. I’m really impressed’.

Allianz Assistance automotive products

·         Roadside assistance

·         Accident management

·         Extended warranty

·         Service and maintenance administration

·         Telematics

·         Customer Relationship Management

·         Digital roadside assistance

Allianz Assistance health products

·         Repatriation and evacuation due to illness 

·         Medical and hospital assistance when abroad 

·         In-patient and out-patient expense deposit guarantee / cashless services 

·         Tele-doctor medical advice 

·         Online interpretation 

Allianz Assistance health products

·         Medical emergency assistance

·         Pet insurance and services

Home and Lifestyle
Allianz Assistance home and lifestyle products

·         Home appliance protection

·         Digital risk management and control