For over 40 years, we´ve been providing peace of mind at home through our comprehensive home assistance, claims management & Easy Living services. Our Home and Easy Living services are actively present in more than 21 countries, serving more than 200 business partners around the world and handling more than 2 million cases and 6 million calls per year. We are unique because of our deep knowledge of the industry, extensive data availability and wide expertise in customer care and our wide network of providers who can deliver quick high-quality services. Our digital capabilities are significantly enhancing the way we engage with our customers. 


We provide a wide range of services to protect and facilitate the daily lives of customers and their families, specifically when facing challenging situations which affect health, finance, or possessions. We offer peace of mind, and believe that it’s the combination of digital solutions with services and the human touch offered at key moments of customers’ lives that truly build exceptional experiences.

We offer the most comprehensive range of home services that protect people, buildings and goods. Our services take the stress out of the unknown, we act as a true guardian angel for unexpected home and daily life events.
We offer the most comprehensive range of home related products and services, utilizing empathic agents, digital solutions and premium home and living services to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our intuitive products and end-to-end services provide digital, hyper-personalized, embedded solutions that offer peace of mind to our partners and their customers.  We promote and cultivate long lasting relationships with our partners, based on trust and technical consistency.

Providing remote home assistance through an accessible, simple, digital tool. Visi’Home offers video diagnosis with an expert for home damage or issues, with guidance for self-fixing or onsite visit from professional craftsman when home fix is not possible. Awarded GOLD in the
Re-imagining the Customer Experience category at the Efma Innovation in Insurance Awards 2022.

Offering simplicity and convenience to our customers, the Easy Living Platform acts as a digital companion for seniors living independently and their carers with information and assistance, coaching and support.
It is intended to be customer's life care companion, bringing peace of mind at the touch of a button if needed.