We have decades of experience in roadside and digital roadside assistance, including breakdown and emergency call (bCall, eCall), emergency accident assistance, help via phone, repair on the spot, towing and vehicle replacement.
We can provide motor third party liability, rider liability, motor own damage, personal accident insurance, tire insurance, collision damage waiver and specialist insurance.
Extended warranty and used car warranty can be offered as an extension of a vehicle manufacturer warranty scheme or as used vehicle mechanical cover.
Products include payment protection insurance (PPI) for financial liabilities in the event of illness or death and guaranteed asset protection (GAP), protecting against shortfalls.
Unexpected vehicle maintenance, wear and tear, concierge call (iCall), smart repair and mobility related travel and health products are just some of our complimentary products and services.
We’re ahead of the game in offering insurance and assistance solutions for electric vehicles, bikes and e-bikes, micro-mobility vehicles such as e-scooters and e-mopeds and autonomous vehicles. As well as connected vehicles and usage-based insurance rates. 
At Allianz Partners, we are an integral part of the mobility ecosystem and as it evolves and transforms, so do we. Shifts in customer expectations and the rapid advancement of innovations and technologies mean that this is an ecosystem that is always evolving. Our team of global experts works  passionately to jointly shape the future of mobility and deliver peace of mind for those on the move. Our customer never stand still and neither do we.
The chances are, we already have experience working closely with businesses similiar to yours, and know how to provide mobility solutions adapted to your customers’ lives and ways of moving. For decades, we have worked in the mobility sector, and as it has advanced so have we; evolving our products with new technology, accelerating growth and always focused on improving customer loyalty for our diverse range of partners.
Our ability to help people in times of need is the most heart-warming part of our job. We share with you some true short stories that show how our limitless our abilities are, and how we will do whatever it takes to keep people moving with a smile on their face.
Discover how we are using the latest technology to actively transform mobility, and how we are collaborating with our partners to reshape the mobility landscape. We believe that there is much growth and opportunity within the mobility ecosystem, and we actively work with our partners to push these boundaries while providing unparalleled customer experiences.
Our enhanced product offer uses the latest technology to help customers, in real-time when they are faced with a breakdown. Digital innovations, combined with our accessible 24/7 call centre ensure a human touch and the fastest possible resolution enabling customers to get back on the road and continue their day.
Going beyond insurance, we are a global strategic partner of Lime. Find out how we not only provide their customers with a customised insurance offer, but also have launched with them a campaign aiming to improve road safety for both riders and the public.