Living with COVID-19

Allianz Partners responds to the predictions of Futurologist Ray Hammond about what the world will look like in the context of the COVID pandemic and beyond.

In a series of press releases, Allianz Partners examines the implications of the pandemic on customer needs and expectations, and outlines the solutions proposed by each of its line of business. The focus areas are the home, mobility, healthcare, and travel. The first in the series looked at the changes in how we live at home, and the digital services and risk protection that Allianz Partners offers. The second in the series examines the changing mobility context accelerated by COVID-19 and how Allianz Partners is supporting its OEM partners, drivers and riders around the areas of flexible ownership, micromobility and digital distribution.

Allianz Partners is committed to innovating the industry and evolving with its customers to deliver the best service possible and real peace of mind.

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