Invasion of Ukraine - Important Message

Given the events currently unfolding in Ukraine and surrounding countries, we hope that you and your traveling companions are safe and unaffected by the disturbing and unstable situation. We understand that you may have questions about how these events will affect the assistance and insurance coverage we provide.

As a first step, please check the validity of your travel insurance for your destination. Current information and travel advisories for your travel destination can be found on the website of your local foreign office.

As a second step, please refer to your policy documents which contain important information about your travel coverage, and contact your travel supplier (e.g. airline, travel agency, or tour operator) who may be an effective source of information for questions related to your trip. Your travel supplier can often reschedule, change, or refund itineraries depending on the specific situation, timing, destination, etc.

In the event that your travel supplier is unable to provide solutions, here are some general considerations with respect to your travel insurance policy, specifically related to the situations some travelers may face in or around Europe.  Illness, injury, and unforeseen events not related to the situation in Ukraine are generally covered by travel insurance. 

Please refer to your policy documents for more details, but generally speaking, the following conditions are not covered by travel insurance (please check with our teams in your country of residence):

- Change of mind or fear of flying.  For example, canceling a trip to France due to the crisis in Ukraine will not be covered by travel insurance.

- Events caused directly or indirectly by war.  For example, no-fly zones that cause flights to be canceled will not be covered by travel insurance (but may be covered by your travel supplier).

- Economic sanctions that disrupt your travel plans.  For example, your credit card is blocked due to payment restrictions, e.g. SWIFT, is not covered by travel insurance.

- Canceled flights.  For example, if your flight is canceled by your travel supplier, your reimbursement should be provided by the airline, tour operator, or travel supplier.

- Changes to negative travel advisories.  For example, the change in Ukraine to a “red/no fly” status will not be covered by your travel insurance (but may be covered by your travel supplier).

If you need assistance or have questions about your coverage, you can contact our 24-hour emergency service here.