International Vacation
Confidence Index -Summer 2022

After several years of travel restrictions, what percentage of Europeans and Americans plan to take a vacation this summer? How much will the average family plan to spend this year, in the context of rising costs?

The International Vacation Confidence Index carried out by OpinionWay in May 2022 on behalf of Allianz Partners surveyed 9,107 people across Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and USA, with the aim of gaining an insight into consumer trust and confidence levels in travel ahead of the 2022 summer vacation period and to identify the main challenges facing travelers this summer.

The research shows that a new, monetary obstacle has arisen, imposing a different restriction on households, with the uncertain economic situation posing the main challenge for travelers this summer.

A few key trends:

·        Strong travel intentions in all countries

·        High confidence in summer travel overall

·        Summer travel is top of mind in Italy, Spain and UK

·        Staycations and specifically beach holidays are preferred by Italians and Spaniards

·        Austrians, Swiss, Dutch, and British have the strongest preference for international travel

·        Relaxation is the number one goal for summer vacations

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