As the health and life experts of the group, Allianz Care provides international health, critical illness,  life and disability insurance as well as health and protection services. Our clients range from students and families to large multinationals and intergovernmental organizations.

Our primary focus is to protect the health and wellbeing of customers. We continuously invest to make their lives simpler when it comes to medical advice, accessing treatment and follow-up care. When offered as key elements of an employee benefits package, our products and services help organizations to attract, retain and protect their staff. 

We have the flexibility to work with multiple partners to deliver straightforward, innovative healthcare solutions. This includes our capacity to provide reinsurance and facilitate co-insurance with other global insurers.

Allianz Care also provides complete health insurance management and administration services using the specialized NEXtCARE brand. NEXtCARE is the leading Third Party Administrator in the MENA region. Find our more here:

International Healthcare cover
International Healthcare cover

A range of international healthcare plans are available for small and large groups, IGOs, NGOs and other governmental organizations, on an underwritten or medical history disregarded basis, depending on group size.

We also look after the health insurance needs of private families, individuals and students who can choose from a flexible range of international and regional plans.

Our comprehensive healthcare plans cover a wide range of in-patient and day care treatments as well as medical evacuation, local ambulance and nursing at home. Out-patient, dental and repatriation plans can be added, plus plans can be completely tailored for large groups.

In addition, we offer healthcare plans for specific regions including the Middle East, China, Latin America and
the Caribbean. 

Life cover
International Health life cover
Our life insurance provides financial protection and security for dependents in the unfortunate event of the death of a member of staff. The benefit amount can be based on a percentage of the member of staff’s gross salary or it can be a fixed amount. Cover for accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) and terminal Illness is also available as an add-on to Life cover. 
Disability cover
International Health disability cover
These plans provide replacement income for members of staff who are unable to perform their occupation following an accident or illness. Employers can choose either Short and Long Term disability cover, or Temporary and Permanent disability cover. 
Insurance & reinsurance
International Health insurance and reinsurance products

Our underwriting expertise and insurance infrastructure allows us to develop solutions for Managing General Agents (MGAs), administrators, specialty insurers and bank insurers. As specialists in international health and life insurance, we provide expert advice and support when it comes to regulatory changes, legal and tax requirements and technical underwriting of health and life risks.

With our wide range of insurance products and health and protection services, specialty insurers and bank insurers can expand and differentiate their offering while providing their clients with even more value and security.

Rated A+ Superior by AM Best, we also have the required scale and capacity when it comes to the reinsurance of standard or tailored health and life risks

Global Health & Protection services
International health and protection services

Increasing numbers of staff on overseas assignments and business travelers heading to emerging countries face complex conditions, often in remote environments. In these locations, health and safety risks can be high and the level of support available locally may not always meet the appropriate standards.

Our Global health and protection services mitigate the risks of business travellers and expatriated staff. Services include pre-travel health assessments, travel security, Employee Assistance Programs, security evacuations and occupational health advice

Critical Illness
International Health administration services
Our critical illness insurance  covers treatment for 12 types of medical cases of which three are specific for children. The plan will pay for medical costs required to treat eligible medical cases,  give access to medical expertise through our network of specialised hospitals, ensure cases are managed by a case manager and more.  
Administration services
International Health administration services
Through Allianz Care and NEXtCARE, we can administer a range of global insurance risks, including health, life and disability, for other insurers and self-insured schemes. The services offered include issuing policy documents, managing access to our medical network, handling claims and providing 24/7 multilingual Helpline support
We help a wide variety of clients based all over the world. These include: individuals, families and students; multinational organizations; SMEs; IGOs, NGOs and governmental organizations.
If you are an existing customer and need immediate help please contact the Helpline & Emergency Assistance.

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Global health and protection services

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