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The Future of Work & Digital Wellbeing 

Allianz Partners supported The Economist Intelligence Unit with a research programme, which surveyed 1000 full-time employees working from home in the UK, Canada, France, Singapore and UAE, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided many employees with new and more flexible options on where, when and how they work, with working from home being enforced by government guidance in many cases. But it has also challenged their physical and mental health, productivity, and ability to communicate effectively at work. 

“Our goal was to highlight how COVID-19 has changed how we work, what the impact has been on employee wellbeing and give companies some practical insights into what they can do to support their workforce. Not just during this very challenging time, but longer term, because this pandemic will result in longer term changes to how, and where, people work” Ida Luka-Lognoné, CEO International Health & Travel

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