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Allianz Partners, a world leader in insurance and assistance services, has launched a digital platform that accompanies travelers before, during and after a trip, with relevant products and services provided by Allianz Partners as well as other service providers across the travel industry.  
What awaits the travel industry as the world reopens? Allianz Partners, a world leader in insurance and assistance services, has looked at customers’ behavior, changes in expectations, and the impact on travel insurance during a Travel Recovery Deep-Dive webinar attended by travel players. 
Allianz X, the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group, is investing into Mobility Trader Holding GmbH, the parent company of heycar, an international digital platform for quality used car sales. Existing investors include Volkswagen, Volkswagen Financial Services, and Daimler Mobility. Allianz Partners, a leading company in B2B2C insurance and assistance services, will become the insurance partner of heycar for the next five years in all existing and future markets. The cooperation will extend the heycar platform with Allianz insurance products and services by seamlessly integrating them into the digital customer journey.
Allianz Partners reinforces its Transformation and Strategy team with a new hire to further accelerate its strategic agenda focused on simplicity. Julia Palte joins Allianz Partners as Global Head of Strategy, effective July 1st 2021.
Indie Campers, one of the largest pan-European motorhome and camper rental companies, joins forces with Allianz Partners as its insurer for private camper sharing in multiple European markets, starting initially in Germany.  Allianz Partners will function as a key insurance partner in light of Indie Campers’ vision to become the world’s number one road trip provider. The insurance cover is automatically integrated in every rental, once the insurance has been launched in that market.
Allianz Partners has launched a new comprehensive telehealth offering to meet the growing demand in digital health services: an integrated virtual health assistant. It is easily accessible on a mobile device or desktop via a conversational platform such as WhatsApp or Telegram and provides customers with immediate and direct access to three core medical services: Symptom Checker, Doctor Chat, and a 24/7 Medical Hotline. 
Allianz Partners, a worldwide leader in roadside assistance and services, has integrated a new electric mobility solution into its roadside assistance operations. The “ev-Move” platform developed by BeNomad will help Allianz Partners meet the needs and usages of the increasingly numerous EV drivers across Europe. In the event of battery failure, ev-Move makes it easy to localize compatible charging stations available near the vehicle. The operator can then send an SMS directly to the customer or the repairman to provide guidance until they reach the charging station.
Allianz Partners, a world leader in B2B2C insurance and assistance, and Swapfiets, the world`s first “bicycle as a service” company, have entered into a partnership to launch a European insurance program covering almost all markets where Swapfiets is currently operating their e-fleet subscription services. This means that subscribers of Swapfiets e-scooters and e-mopeds are covered automatically with Motor Third Party Liability insurance provided by local Allianz entities once the operations start in each of the partnership markets and where such cover is mandatory.
As a provider of emergency medical assistance, Allianz Partners has had to rethink its entire medical operations to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and continue to support customers in exceptional circumstances. These challenges have included the cancellation of commercial flights, an increase in regulations and travel restrictions, strained local health services, and the requirement for medical teams to quarantine. Its team of over 1,000 highly qualified emergency doctors, nurses and medical coordinators around the world have worked around the clock to ensure that customers and patients are treated in the best conditions, while providing timely physical and mental support especially during stressful quarantine periods.
The World Tourism Organization has welcomed Allianz Partners into its global network of Affiliate Members. With a presence in 75 countries, Allianz Partners will help advance UNWTO’s mission to promote safe, responsible and accessible tourism, with a special focus on travel and mobility protection solutions.
Allianz Partners, a leading company in B2B2C insurance and assistance and a world leader in roadside assistance, reaches a new milestone in information security and secure data processing. The Group’s headquarters in Saint-Ouen (Paris) have obtained the prestigious TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification, a standard defined by the VDA, the German automotive industry association, which guarantees the highest possible level of data protection and know-how against the increasing frequency of cyberattacks.
Allianz Partners, a world leader in B2B2C insurance and assistance, is enhancing its roadside assistance offer for electric vehicle drivers with the ability to locate charging stations fully integrated into its incident management system. Offering the greatest coverage of charging points across Europe, GIREVE provides access to a comprehensive charging equipment database as well as real-time availability of charging spots and remote access to bookings.
The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will very likely have long-term effects on the automotive and mobility industry. In Allianz Partners’ “Reopening the World: Life After COVID-19” Report, remote working is predicted to impact mobility needs and mobility usage patterns, leading to more sharing and flexible mobility as well as to short-term car rental rather than full car ownership.