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From an outbreak in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus has transformed itself into a pandemic, shaking worldwide the best-laid plans for 2020. As of March 13, more than 130,000 cases have been detected, with nearly 5,000 deaths globally. Anne Lepetit, Chief Medical Officer of Allianz Partners, shares some information on the virus and how individuals can slow its spread...


To enhance the success of its global strategic partnerships and further support the company strategy, Jean-Marc Pailhol joins Allianz Partners as Chief Global Strategic Partnership Officer and Member of the Board. 

His appointment was effective 1st January 2020.


Mobility will be cleaner, safer and more efficient than ever as fossil-fuel vehicles shift to vehicles with electric engines, advanced technology in autonomous cars transforms road safety, and vehicles will become more of a software platform according to a report from Allianz Partners.