Corporate Social Responsibility

At Allianz Partners we extend our helping nature beyond business. We work hard to help our local communities and those beyond where we work.

Each of our offices has a commitment to CSR, driven either by the business or by the employees themselves. We empower our employees to make a positive impact by offering flexible work structures, allowing people to take time off work for social responsibility activities.

We believe in looking after our planet. As one of the world’s largest insurance and assistance companies, we have a duty to act responsibly and sustainably in everything we do. 

Project Abroad supported by Allianz Partners Australia
Allianz Partners Australia supports Projects Abroad organization
NEXtCARE supports Diabetes Awareness, Dubai Autism Center, blood donation and a healthy lifestyle
Angle Tree support from Allianz Parters USA
Allianz Partners USA continues Angel Tree support, bringing a wonderful Christmas to families in Virginia
Allianz Partners Japan colleagues volunteer for 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games
Our Japan colleagues volunteer for 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games
Volunteer oppotunities from Allianz Partners USA
Allianz Partners USA organizes various volunteer opportunities during National Volunteer week
Allianz Automotive's charity program
Allianz Automotive restores classic VW Beetle for disability charity
Allianz Partners USA volunteers for Rise Against Hunger
Allianz Partners USA volunteer to Rise Against Hunger
Allianz Partners France sponsorship programs
Allianz Partners France runs skill-based sponsorship
Allianz Partners Canada donating travel insurance to a charity
Allianz Partners Canada donates travel insurance to children’s charity
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