Career areas


At Allianz Partners we have a diverse range roles on offer. Whatever your professional level or background, we have an opportunity for you. We’re looking for daring minds, ambition and an appetite for constant learning and development.

Each business area is vital to maintaining our successful position in the market and our delivery of exceptionally high quality service. You will find below more information on each of our business areas and key responsibilities.


Audit’s main responsibility is to audit departments and provide advice and support for special projects.

The audit team provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations. Allianz Partners Internal Audit reviews systems and operations to identify opportunities for efficiency or innovation.


Our communications team protects and enhances the reputation of the Allianz Partners group. It ensures consistency in external and internal communications worldwide in terms of core issues, messages and style. It also provides internal advice on all corporate communication issues.


The core activities of our finance department are the key to our success: accounting, financial planning and controlling, risk management, actuarial and taxation. Our finance team supports the strategic direction of the company and its business units to promote the current and long-term profitability of the company. 

Human Resources

Allianz Partners is a people business; we are a buisness built from the inside. HR excellence is crucial for our colleagues and business leaders to be in the best position to serve our clients.

Our HR team is responsible for developing and implementing corporate HR strategies and providing professional HR guidance and support to business leaders and employees.


Operations world

This department focuses on organizational management. It is responsible for improving core business, driving transformation and building Global Competence Centers. The Operations team is comprised of staff around the world who enable us to serve global clients with the best practices and processes.

Group Operations manages operations for travel, medical assistance, health services, household equipment, roadside assistance and digital via 35 local operations platforms and 6 global operations platforms. 



For Allianz Partners, as a company that operates worldwide, a variety of legal questions arise on a daily basis. The legal teams take responsibility for legal and supervisory issues, contribute to the association work and provide support for the Allianz Partners Group's many activities abroad.



Marketing &

The Market Management & Innovation team pushes boundaries to sustain our market position and enable further growth and profitability. The customer is always at the heart of marketing decisions. 

There are a number of strategic and operational areas within the team, all of which require creative thinking and enthusiasm. These include market and customer intelligence, market strategy, brand management and communications, sales activation and multi-channel customer relationship management.


Our underwriting department ensures the profitable development of our business by providing a balanced insight into superior risk management and client needs.

Responsibilities include the application of skills to product design, pricing and portfolio management. Our underwriting teams work closely with our marketing and sales departments to ensure the needs of our clients and distribution partners are met in the best way possible.



The sales department has the crucial role of providing high-quality advice and service to clients. A variety of channels are used, including tied agents, internal sales force, brokers and affinity partners.

Sales responsibilities include maintaining and developing relationships with existing clients, acquiring potential clients and distributors, promoting products and services and, of course, reviewing sales performance.

Hints & Tips for application 

We know that applying for a job can be daunting but a great CV and a well-crafted cover letter are the best place to begin. This early stage is your chance to make your mark before we’ve even met you, so here are a few tips to give you a head start.


Make sure the information on your CV is up to date and  consistent with any social media sites you use for job searching.



Customize your CV and cover letter to the specific role you’re applying for by focusing on relevant experience.



Use our website and social media channels to find out more about us so you can tell us why you would be a good fit for the company.



Include tangible results to quantify your accomplishments and responsibilities. For example, if you controlled a budget, state the size of the budget; if you reduced costs or timeframes, include the figures. 



Keep your CV to the point, focusing on your most relevant experience. 



Proof read you CV and cover letter to ensure there are no errors. 



Don’t leave gaps in your experience. If you have been out of work tell us what you’ve been doing e.g. courses, volunteer work, traveling or self-employment. 


First impressions 

Ensure your CV looks professional and attractive with a clean layout and visual appeal. If you’re applying for a creative role why not get creative! 



A quick time-saving tip when creating your profile in our Global Job Search is to import your profile data from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Xing. 

Dare to explore career opportunities at Allianz Partners