Life at Allianz Partners

Our culture

We are a unique combination: the largest insurance and assistance business in the world with the values of a close-knit community. We are a global family made up of diverse cultures, ethnicities, languages, skills and personalities. Allianz Partners is built from the inside out and everybody plays a part in the success of the company and helps shape our future.
Wherever we car- together we car - Allianz Partners' culture

Helpfulness and caring for people is at the core of what we do. Yet we have a strong foundation from which to dare to try new things, innovate and continuously strive to be even better at what we do.

Our culture is important to us because it’s not just results that matter, but how those results are achieved. Every day we are guided by our cultural People Attributes: Customer & Market Excellence, Collaborative Leadership, Trust and Entrepreneurship.
Allianz Partners people attributes: entrepreneurship


Despite our solid foundation, we encourage a start up spirit. To achieve the best results in a changing environment we need to explore, anticipate, embrace change and take risks. We promote an environment in which our employees can take ownership and responsibility for their projects and decisions. 
Allianz Partners people attributes: trust


We act with transparency and integrity - not just with our business partners and amongst colleagues but also with our wider communities through CSR. We foster an honest, diverse and inclusive workplace where every voice is heard.  
Allianz Partners people attributes: customer and market excellence

Customer & market excellence

We go the extra mile to ensure excellence at every touch point. We seek customer feedback and anticipate market trends to continuously improve our products and solutions. Our ambition is to set the industry benchmark. 
Allianz Partners people attributes: collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership

The leaders within our business, at all levels, are team players. They provide purpose and direction to their teams and empower them to champion their own projects. Our inclusive and respectful culture promotes collaboration across teams and divisions and the exchange of best practices and knowledge. 

Why Allianz Partners?

At Allianz Partners we see challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. We empower our employees to dare to view projects from new angles and to aim for the impossible.  
At Allianz Partners, we empower our employees
We believe in the power of diverse minds. With 17,500 employees based in 39 countries and speaking 70 languages, Allianz Partners offers a truly diverse, open minded and interesting workplace. This diversity is a major driving force behind our success and we welcome people from all backgrounds, nationalities, genders, sexualities and cultures. 
Feel at home at Allianz Partners
We want our employees to feel at home at Allianz Partners. Every idea matters and every voice is heard. All our employees are appreciated and motivated within an inclusive, respectful and supportive working environment. This is a place where people matter.  
Allianz Partners is a place where people matter

Whether you are just starting your career or joining at a senior level, the opportunities to learn, both personally and professionally, are endless.  

Rewards & benefits

To continue our success, we need our employees to be passionate and dedicated, which is why we cultivate a positive working environment. While varied according to where you’re based, a career at Allianz Partners brings multiple benefits, not least the opportunity to work alongside inspiring colleagues. 
Fair compensation at Allianz Partners

Fair compensation

We need to keep our employees motivated and appropriate compensation is an essential factor in achieving this. We perform internal and external benchmarking to ensure our remuneration is fair and attractive compared to what our competitors offer. 
Personal recognition at Allianz Partners

Personal recognition

Beyond financial compensation, we place a strong emphasis on employee recognition. This can include exposure, celebrations and of course learning opportunities. It’s a way for managers to distinguish each individual and team in a customized and personalized way. 
Honest feedback at Allianz Partners

Honest feedback

In order to learn and develop, we believe that our employees need constructive and transparent communication and feedback from their managers and peers.

Performance assessments are conducted at different stages throughout the year. These are used not only to provide employees with feedback on their performance but also for employees to discuss their experiences, concerns or aspirations in a trusted environment.   

Work-life balance at Allianz Partners

Work-life balance

The wellbeing of our employees is hugely important to us. We have very agile working models that give our employees flexibility in planning and arranging their work-life balance. We also support our employees’ health by offering, for example, fitness courses, educational seminars and more different activities.

Our Work Well program addresses the impact of workplace stress and aims to help employees to manage stress, regardless of their role or level.  It raises awareness about the causes and effects of stress and recommends various counter measures to prevent and resolve them. 

Your development 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ model at Allianz Partners. Our development approach is tailored to individuals because we care about progressing employees’ careers as far as we possibly can.

Generally, as well as having technical and soft skills training, you will develop through on the job involvements such as international assignments and job swaps. We provide coaching sessions, mentoring programs and 360 degree feedback, and you will have exposure to regional and global leaders.

As part of the Allianz Group, our employees also benefit from Allianz’s training, development, global networking and diversity and mobility programs.

Notably Allianz have just launched a LinkedIn Learning digital program offering over 10,000 online courses and video content. The content ranges from Allianz-specific topics and general business knowledge to language or technical skills and even to yoga. 

Development opportunities at Allianz Partners

Our world is constantly changing and we move with it, anticipating trends and exceeding customers’ evolving needs. We transform and perform, training our employees to be agile and future-ready and to embrace change.