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パトリシア ムーン

We are a subsidiary of Allianz Partners, global leader in assistance services and travel insurance, handling 27 million cases annually in thirty four countries.

Our Company has been present in Japan since 2006, providing services to global clients as well as Japanese companies. We operate in the B2B2C space, focusing on Automotive, Home and Travel & Leisure lines of business. We offer a wide range of solutions, from roadside assistance and CRM, to extended warranty and home assistance. Through our wholly owned subsidiary 'AWP Ticket Guard' we also offer innovative products such as trip and ticket cancellation insurance.

Our services are designed to 'facilitate your life', by helping you in moments where you need assistance at home or on the road, or by protecting products that you bought.

We pride ourselves in the excellence of our service, representing our partners' brand and increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers. This is only possible through the high commitment and engagement of our teams, combined with Allianz' top-notch processes, technology and innovation.

Representative Director and President,
Patricia Moon