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For all types of travel, we’ve got it covered. Our products have shaped the travel industry and continue to ensure customers continue to travel and attend events with peace of mind, always prepared for the unexpected.
Whether travel insurance is required for single trip or annual multi-trip, we cover trip cancellation, lost baggage and flight, rail or hotel cancellation and can even protect against unexpected situations including pandemics. Looking to cover car rental or sports equipment? We’ve got you. Our cover comes with benefits including digital travel assistance, tele-medicine advice, digital claims and a 24/7 hotline. We offer specialist help for medical repatriations, emergencies and hospital assistance. For all eventualities, our robust travel insurance is there to help when it’s needed the most.
We were the first to provide ticket insurance including sports, concerts and venues and we also offer registration insurance, so that customers don’t miss out even when they have to miss an event. In some markets we also
offer tuition insurance (available in some countries only) for peace of mind cover and support.
We offer the most comprehensive range of travel and protection services and are going beyond travel insurance, redefining insurance through innovative products that put people and their needs at the core. We pride ourselves in creating products that are smarter, simpler and safer and for our partners, this means trust, security and customer satisfaction. We partner with industry leaders, disrupters and new comers and ensure we put the customer first in any product, service or decision. We support our partners as they grow their business in both revenues and reputation. We believe in enhanced customer experiences and digital tools, but above all we advocate the strength of a human touch and sincere relationships.
When you are protecting millions of travellers per year, you need leaders with heart, who understand the travel business like no other. Meet Damien Ladous, our Travel CEO. Here, he tells us what sets Allianz Partners ahead of its competition and what is being done to future-proof travel products. He also shares insights into how we are innovating to make life simpler, safer and smarter.
When you’ve got years of travel experience, why not share it? Allyz is our digital platform that gives travellers trusted advice and expertise. It’s not just about travel insurance, but the overall holistic experience and service. It’s a one stop shop with pre-travel advice and inspiration, a simple place to store all travel documents and information on local services and more whilst travelling. 

Integrating services with information, it is paving the way for the future of customer travel experiences. It includes useful tools such as a travel wallet, destination itineraries and real-time flight, safety and security information but also added services including instant flight-delay compensation, access to digital health services such as teleadvice and 24/7 assistance.

The ultimate tool for customer peace of mind, it works on a ‘freemium’ membership model with different features according to membership type plus paid services and extras. Allyz is leading the way for the future of travel, enriching the customer experience.

A legacy of Travel firsts  

We’ve been operating for well over 100 years, so we’ve experienced first-hand extraordinary changes in travel. We’re still finding new ways to set the pace in the industry and have a legacy for being industry pioneers in terms of both products and services.


Did you know that we were the first to:

·        Offer travel insurance integrated into an airline booking path  

·        Integrate into the booking path of online travel agencies

·        Use Artificial Intelligence to optimize travel insurance offers

·        Offer event ticket insurance

·        Launch a full-service travel insurance mobile app

·        Combine travel insurance with assistance services

·        Provide pandemic coverage for Covid-19