Corporate Social Responsibility

Our values at Allianz Partners are not just about our clients and how we approach to our clients, they are also about our approach towards the communities we live in and cooperate with.

Philanthropy, volunteer work, implementing social responsibility projects such as scholarships, to reach and support especially Turkey and the world community in need of assistance is a joy for us rather than a necessity.

We ran for Tree Brotherhood project in 
Runatolia Marathon
Allianz Partners USA volunteers for Rise Against Hunger
We ran in favor of Darüşşafaka Society
in 41st İstanbul Marathon
Allianz Partners France sponsorship programs
We organized a cleaning day in Şile coast as Allianz Partners volunteers
Allianz Partners Canada donating travel insurance to a charity
As Allianz Partners family, we started a food donation campaign for street animals
Project Abroad supported by Allianz Partners Australia
We organized a bazaar in Allianz Partners Turkey office in favor of Koruncuk Foundation