Helping people is at the heart of what we do. We aim to be on hand when people need help. We often work with business partners and seek to support their brand and their customers by providing services that enrich the customer experience.

Allianz Partners operates on a 24x7 basis and has a worldwide presence.  In times of trouble, or perhaps just for simple advice, people at home or on the move can rely upon us to provide assistance. The global nature of our business brings with it a consistent standard of services and products, harmonized globally and implemented with local expertise.

Our global team of dedicated specialists is committed to Allianz Partners’ mission of helping people. We care about our business partners’ relationships with their customers and employees. We go the extra mile to continuously strengthen those relationships, improving brand loyalty and making people’s lives simpler, safer and more enjoyable.

Medical interventions happened
Support medical repatriation & evacuation
24/7 Assistance Hotline
Medical Cases handled
Support Air Ambulances chartered
Many languages spoken by our employees
Emergency case handles
Global medical provider network
Many countries with commercial activity
As part of the Allianz Group, we are built on strong foundations. The ability to be innovative and nimble, to push technological and geographical boundaries is of paramount importance. Our agile approach to business is designed to make us flexible and responsive to the fast pace of change. Our goal is to always be future ready.
Our business is comprised of four specialized Allianz Partners lines of business. Our products and services are delivered under four commercial brands: Allianz Assistance, Allianz Automotive, Allianz Care and Allianz Travel.
Allianz Partners corporate brand
Allianz Partners commercial brands
Our services go beyond traditional insurance, brining additional value to our business partners, their customers and their employees. Find out more about our products and services by selecting an area of expertise below.