Allianz Automotive partners with over 40 car brands

Allianz Automotive was established to identify ways to support the automotive industry and to build partnerships with automotive manufacturers and mobility providers.

We currently partner with over 40 car brands in more than 30 countries. Our business partners can choose from a portfolio of customized products and service solutions in the fields of motor insurance, warranty, assistance and ancillary products.

Our business partners expect global insurance solutions implemented with local expertise. We deliver this by drawing on the worldwide presence and local knowledge of the Allianz Group. We are represented in over 30 countries through local Allianz units.

We have a deep understanding of the entire automotive value chain and we support our partners at every stage, from research and development to sales and aftersales. We provide each of our business partners with a tailored product offering designed to meet their specific needs.

We have a wide variety of products, which in most cases are integrated into the client’s brand. These range from motor insurance with liability and own damage cover, warranty, guaranteed asset protection and payment protection insurance to innovative products such as telematics insurance or minute-based billing for fleet models.

Allianz Automotive supports its partners
Allianz Automotive set up the Automotive Innovation Center

Allianz Automotive set up the Automotive Innovation Center
The mobility world is fundamentally changing with global megatrends such as digitalization, sharing economy and urbanization. This applies to insurers as much as it does to automotive manufacturers. Conventional insurance products are no longer sufficient – our partners demand comprehensive insurance and service solutions. That’s why in 2014 we set up the Automotive Innovation Center – to develop solutions for the mobility of tomorrow.

The Automotive Innovation Center is a competence center and innovation engine for all topics related to automotive mobility. This includes connected cars, autonomous vehicles, car sharing and e-mobility. Our team of experts conceptualize, test and implement new business models, products and processes.

Core Products
Allianz Automotive core products
  • Motor Insurance: Third party liability (TPL) - legal obligation towards third parties, covering bodily injury and property damage; Motor own damage (MOD) - indemnity for damage, theft, or total loss of owners’ motor vehicles
  • Warranty: Extension of vehicle manufacturer warranty schemes and used vehicle mechanical coverage
  • Tire Insurance: Coverage of damages and punctures due to sharp objects and curbside to new tires
Services & Non-Insurance products
Allianz Automotive service and non-insurance products
  • Roadside Assistance: Breakdown Call (bCall) - provide breakdown services, e.g. tow trucks; Emergency Call (eCall) - contact emergency services and police in case of accidents; Concierge Call (iCall) - offer call center and information services to customers while they are on the road
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