The strength and uniqueness of our position within the Allianz Group lies in our ability to offer flexible, innovative solutions that go beyond traditional insurance.

Yet we also have the flexibility and the local knowledge to tailor our offerings to the specific needs of our clients and their customers and employees. 

These uniquely combined services are designed to add value at every stage; as single products, bundled combinations or modular add-ons that are seamlessly integrated into our clients’ business.

Automotive Innovation Centre
Through innovation and research and development initiatives we constantly strive to expand and improve our services. We have launched Innovation Centres for each of our areas of expertise, where we research, design and assess new products and processes. For example, the Automotive Innovation Centre focuses on future mobility including telematics and engineering. 

For example, our digital apps are constantly updated according to new insights gained from extensive data analysis and market research. 

In addition, our solutions are available to clients via direct and digital channels. 

Allianz Partners digital apps and direct and digital channels
Our products and services are offered via our commercial brands: Allianz Assistance, Allianz Automotive, Allianz Care and Allianz Travel. They each share an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, geographical reach and a truly customer-centric approach.