Corporate Governance

Economic Sanctions

Allianz Partners New Zealand is committed to complying with economic sanctions. Economic sanctions are implemented for foreign policy reasons, such as preventing the funding of terrorism or promoting human rights and democracy.

We do not provide cover and services to the following countries facing economic sanctions:

·               Syria

·               North Korea

·               Iran

Economic sanctions are constantly changing. Please check for economic sanctions prevalent in the travel destination.

Partners selling cover on behalf of Allianz Partners New Zealand have an obligation to follow our policy on economic sanctions. If you select a Worldwide or Region plan as a work-around solution, they may not be covered.  If you are unsure about a particular destination, please contact your Account Executive before issuing cover.

Customers should be aware that Allianz Partners New Zealand policies have a Limitation of Cover clause that prevents us from violating sanctions or the law.

Limitation of Cover

Notwithstanding anything contained in this policy wording we will not provide cover nor will we make any payment or provide any service or benefit to any person or party where providing such cover, payment, service or benefit would expose us to or violate any applicable trade or economic sanction or any law or regulation.