Why choosing us?

Capacity to match our clients
We locally deploy the standard Hardware Basket leading to a homogeneous environment of end-user work devices across the globe with laptops, desktops, and lightweight servers.
We locally manage Allianz's global network that ensures a constantly high-availability managed network with a standard device-based architecture that provides circuits that connect all operating environments to the Allianz network.
We provide a UPS system and a self-powered plant with continuous support. 
We have infrastructure and a database system in Mexico and coordination of global services: updates, development, training and integration of services: SMS, geolocation, etc. We have Peoplesoft & Image Now services, implementation, integration and maintenance of databases, support, incident management. 
We handle two active voice lines for Contact Center extensions, with secondary local operator voice lines for administrative and backup extensions.
We have a Digital Camera Network with more than 34 active cameras (more to be implemented), separate network, 90-day recording availability, local hardware and software support. 
We develop additional functionality in application integration, system testing.
We implement biometric technology devices (fingerprint readers) that are installed at the access doors of the main offices, centrally controlled by access assigned at multiple levels. 
Our staff covers night and early morning shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing assistance in incidents and problems at the work station.
Our regional Core applications were moved to United States-based data centers to provide high availability, redundancy, security, and standardization to operating environments and to the Global Competence Center in Mexico. 
We create a global transformation project support, which is based on local network implementation projects.
Our second base of operations is located in Querétaro, equipped with standard workplaces, connectivity from the Allianz global network and the connectivity infrastructure of the Mexico City facility, uninterrupted power support, data backup and restoration, support Local IT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Professional call management 24 hours a day by several dozen support operators. 
Positive customer experiences in Mexico: NPS US Travel 75% and MX All LOBs 92%
+ than 400 work positions
+ than 2,000,000  handeled cases
+ than 12, 000,000 received calls
We have more than 500 telephone agents who provide service to meet the needs of customers.