We are a unique combination: the largest insurance and assistance business in the world with a united community. We are a global family made up of people of different cultures, ethnicities, languages, abilities and personalities. Allianz Partners is built from the center, our employees are at the core of what we do and we are aware of that. We are all part of the company's success and we help build our future together.

The people at the core of our brand

As customers, and as individuals, we live in a world full of brands. Global or local, recognized or recently created, these influence almost all aspects of our lives, from the cars we drive to what we eat; some reassure or encourage us.

We have remained faithful to our mission of helping and protecting people, and we have built our brand based on the relationship we have with our clients. We know you need to feel - and be - safe in any unexpected situation, when a tire is flat, a pipe breaks, or an undesirable event disrupts a long-planned trip.

We have existed in the world for more than 100 years, evolved along with the needs of our clients; Even with these adaptations to today's world, our essence remains intact.

Atributo de Allianz Partners: Espíritu Emprendedor
Despite our solid foundation, we encourage a start up spirit. To achieve the best results in a changing environment we need to explore, anticipate, embrace change and take risks. We promote an environment in which our employees can take ownership and responsibility for their projects and decisions
Atributo de Allianz Partners: Confianza
We act with transparency and integrity - not just with our business partners and amongst colleagues but also with our wider communities through CSR. We foster an honest, diverse and inclusive workplace where every voice is heard.  
Atributo de Allianz Partners: Excelencia
We go the extra mile to ensure excellence at every touch point. We seek customer feedback and anticipate market trends to continuously improve our products and solutions. Our ambition is to set the industry benchmark.
Atributo de Allianz Partners: Liderazgo
The leaders within our business, at all levels, are team players. They provide purpose and direction to their teams and empower them to champion their own projects. Our inclusive and respectful culture promotes collaboration across teams and divisions and the exchange of best practices and knowledge. 
At Allianz Partners we see challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. We empower our employees to dare to view projects from new angles and to aim for the impossible.    
En Allianz Partners impulsamos a nuestros empleados
We believe in the power of diverse minds. With more than 19,000 employees based in 44 countries and speaking 70 languages, Allianz Partners offers a truly diverse, open minded and interesting workplace. This diversity is a major driving force behind our success and we welcome people from all backgrounds, nationalities, genders, sexualities and cultures. 
Trabajamos para brindar la mejor calidad a los clientes
We want our employees to feel at home at Allianz Partners. Every idea matters and every voice is heard. All our employees are appreciated and motivated within an inclusive, respectful and supportive working environment. This is a place where people matter.  
En Allianz Partners nos sentimos como en un hogar