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Board of management

Allianz Partners México's board of management is made up by different experts in the market with extensive knowledge of the business. Find out who leads this great company.
Roberto González - Chief Excecutive Officer Allianz Partners México

Hi! I am Roberto González Galindo, graduated from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a Bachelor of Actuary and from Anahuac University with a Master of Economics Applied to Business. I love learning new things and that's why I have taken various management courses at London Business School and Kellog Northwestern.

Since 1988 I have worked in leading insurance companies, such as Allianz Seguros México. I also had the opportunity to be CEO of a dental insurance company with Brazilian capital.

My extensive experience in the market has allowed me to position myself as the current CEO of the world leader in assistance, Allianz Partners. I am passionate about marketing, innovation and business development. What I like most about Allianz Partners, apart from its people, is that it is an adaptable, simple and flexible company, so I am sure that we can create strategies that add value to your business. Contact us to start talking business!

Carlos Bonato - Chief Operations Officer en Allianz Partners México

My name is Carlos Bonato and I have been COO of Allianz Partners México since August 2018, being responsible for providing services to our local clients, the United States, Canada and Spain. I have been within the Allianz Group since April 2014, where I was responsible for managing assistance operations for Allianz and for large insurance companies in Brazil.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a leader for numerous teams in telecommunications insurance and service companies, focusing on the quality of services and creating a customer-focused ecosystem.

I studied law in Brazil and later obtained an MBA from the Instituto Brasileiro de Mercado de Capitais (IBMEC), also in Brazil. Allianz Partners is a customer-focused company, where we will find the solutions adapted to your business, it will be a pleasure to work together!

Mike Nelson - CEO  Travel Insurance at Allianz Partners

Throughout my professional career I have had the opportunity to participate in different lines and business sectors, within which the common denominator has been the constant "change", that is, the challenge for Organizations to be more competitive, efficient, innovative and productive, which has allowed me to participate in various strategic projects where I have always accompanied senior management and Boards of Management in the decision-making process, which has developed a global business vision for me.

At this stage of my professional life, being part of the great Allianz family, I see a great opportunity to continue growing our support services, through our Allianz Partners brand, which undoubtedly cover vital market needs, generating value through the quality and variety of our services that have distinguished us and will continue to do so, that is why I am convinced that we have a great future ahead of us. I am sure we will be able to create the right strategy for you!

Carlos Crain - CCO Allianz Partners Mexico

Hello! My name is Carlos Crain, I am an Industrial Engineer and I have more than 15 years of experience in the insurance, travel insurance and assistance industry.

For 5 years, I worked as head of business development and customer care and service at one of the world's largest insurance companies, then I was commissioned and responsible for developing and growing the travel insurance business for one of the largest companies in Europe through a Mexican insurer for another 5 years.

Today, I have been for more than 5 years with the position of CSO of Allianz Partners México, within which I am responsible for business development. I am proud of the fact that this leading assistance services company is a flexible company that adapts to the needs of each client, which makes my work so special and full of new challenges. I invite you to contact us to find out how we can collaborate together in the market.