E-commerce has made an enormous contribution to the development of the travel sector. The industry has been greatly revolutionized in recent years, with online travel agencies reinventing the way travel is contracted. 

Our goal is to design innovative and customized solutions for you, as an airline, travel agency, agent, tour operator or online travel specialist. We offer the widest range of services in the travel industry, including trip cancellation, emergency medical assistance or car rental insurance plans. We partner with more than 40 airlines and over 100,000 travel agents, covering both domestic and international travel, by air, sea or land. 

We redesign the perception of travelers by improving traditional insurance. Our products combine assistance and technology to help our customers 24/7, during and after their trip. 

By being our strategic partner, you can not only increase customer loyalty through the quality of our customer service, but you can also improve efficiency for your customers with our integrated offerings. Through a single point of contact, we offer product development, marketing management, legal, claims, quotes and support, all from one place.  
Trip cancellation
  • Economy class tickets
  • Hotel expenses
  • Other prepaid expenses
Trip interruption
  • Other unused prepaid expenses
  • Hotel expenses
  • Economy class tickets
Trip delay
  • Food expenses
  • Hotel expenses
  • Flight ticket rescheduling
  • Reimbursement of essential items
  • Cab
Connection loss
  • Food expenses
  • Hotel expenses
  • Reimbursement of essential items
Advance of funds
  • In the event that the holder or beneficiary is unable to obtain funds initially foreseen, such as traveler's checks, credit cards, bank transfer or similar.
Accommodation (medical cause)
  • Hotel expenses
  • Hotel extension
Companions of minors
  • If the user is unable to continue his/her trip for medical reasons and is traveling with minors, the coverage will pay for the return trip to the city of origin of both the beneficiary and the minors. 
Early return (medical cause)
  • Transportation of family members home
  • Medical repatriation
Family visit
  • Hotel expenses
  • Economy class tickets
Travel information and references
  • Travel Itinerary Assistance
  • Travel Information
  • Canceled flight information
  • Delayed flight information
Luggage damage
  • Damage to baggage or items in baggage
Luggage delay
  • Reimbursement of essential items
  • Baggage delay information
Luggage loss
  • Essential items reimbursement