Because we know that belongings are important too, our experts have created products tailored to your customers' needs, looking after their well-being in any situation, whether it is accidental damage, theft or breakdown outside the warranty period. 

Our assistance services are tailored to your business needs, adding comprehensive coverage to your products to help and protect your customers and their belongings.


We know that belongings are an important part of our lives, that is why we have created products adapted to our customers' needs. As experts in the market, we know the value that this protection gives to people.
Who can get this protection?
Titular y/o beneficiario de la póliza
What is the added value for my cutomers?

We take care of your belongings and material goods

Access to our wide network of suppliers

Receive quality service at the times you need it most

24/7 protection and care

What is the added value for my company?

You will be able to control costs within a maximum limit offering customized services.

Centralized case management 

Differentiation among other products that do not have comprehensive services