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Home and pet assistance

We are with you both in emergencies and in daily life, providing services that include home assistance and educational referrals. We work with a large number of suppliers in all Mexico. We constantly ensure that our providers meet the highest quality standards through training, audit and evaluations. That way, we can be confident that customers receive the very best help, wherever they are. 
We are committed to outstanding customer service and aim to make people’s lives simpler and safer. We handle cases from start to finish. 
In order to maintain our excellent delivery of services we continuously invest in improving our solutions. We strive to use the latest technologies to manage our provider networks and to increase customer touch points. The result is more efficient, stable and secure solutions. 
With the assistance services offered by Allianz Partners to complement your product you can include, from coverage in case you need to organize and / or pay an assistance to cover a fortuitous event at home, to services related to school information and job search . You can also include phone assistance to solve the most common PC problems and / or phone references to facilitate the resolution of unforeseen events at home. Discover all our products!
  • Short circuit
  • Decomposition
  • Loss of keys
  • Glass break
  • Pipe break
  • Carpenter
  • Locksmith
  • Electrician
  • Mason home delivery
  • Plumber
  • Glass replacement
  • Educational assistance
  • CV creation assistance
  • Telephone assistance in solving homework
  • School information
  • Newsletter
  • Vocational orientation
  • Preparation for interview
  • Hardware and Software Recommendation
  • Bibliographic references and websites
  • Phone assistance for PC problems
  • Tech support
  • Carpenters references
  • Locksmith references
  • Electricians references
  • Freight and removal references
  • References from other specialists
  • Plumbers references
  • Computer technician references
  • Pet death
  • Unwell owner
  • Accident
  • Disease
  • Pet food
  • Veterinary care in vet office
  • Veterinary consultation
  • Veterinary consultation at home
  • Pet deconstruction
  • Pet Lodging
  • Phone veterinary orientation
  • Veterinary surgical process
  • Vaccination services
  • Vet reference
  • Canine school phone reference
  • Canine grooming salon phone reference
  • Vet clinics phone reference