We are with you in emergencies as well as in everyday life, providing services that include in-home assistance and educational referrals. We work with a large number of providers nationwide.

We constantly ensure that our providers meet our high quality standards through training, audits and evaluations. In this way, we can be confident that our customers receive immediate, quality help wherever they are. 

We are committed to improving our customer service and seek to make people's lives simpler and safer. We handle cases from start to finish.

With the assistance services offered by Allianz Partners to complement your product, you can include coverage in case you need to arrange and/or pay for assistance to cover a fortuitous event at home. Discover all our products!

Why Home Assistance?

Home Assistance aims to make your customers or employees feel safe in their favorite place: their home. There are no obstacles or excuses to create a safe environment.
Who can get this protection?

Policyholder and/or beneficiary of the policy

Family of the insured person (can be extended to family members with no maximum limit)

Individual or corporate employee (corporate employee limited to the service sector)

What is the added value for my cutomers?

Have solutions created especially for your needs.

Access to our extensive network of suppliers

Receive quality service at the times they need it most

24/7 protection and care

What is the added value for my company?

You will be able to control costs within a maximum limit offering customized services.

Centralized case management 

Differentiation among other products that do not have comprehensive services