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Consierge services & discounts

We are with you both in emergencies and in daily life, providing services that include concierge services and discounts on daily life. We work with a large number of suppliers in all Mexico.

With the assistance services offered by Allianz Partners to complement your product, you can include concierge services to make the lives of your clients and employees easier.

  • Translation
  • Intercompany translations
  • Concierge
  • Emergency message
  • Meeting / Anniversary Reminder
  • Cab
  • Wake up services
  • Flowers / Gifts / Stuffed animals
  • International airport information
  • Cultural centers information
  • Entertainment centers Information
  • Shipping company information
  • Weather information
  • General information
  • Information for blocking documents / cards
  • Tourist information
  • Hotel references
  • Restaurants references
  • Reference of salons
  • Discounts on optical shops
  • Medical lab discounts
  • Discounts on medical consultations
  • Discounts for ambulance
  • Dental discounts
  • Discounts with hospital network
  • Pharmacy discounts
  • Discounts on entertainment
  • Discounts with the provider network
  • Travel agency discounts