The strength and uniqueness of our position within the Allianz Group lies in our ability to offer flexible, innovative solutions that go beyond traditional insurance.

Yet we also have the flexibility and the local knowledge to tailor our offerings to the specific needs of our clients and their customers and employees. 

These uniquely combined services are designed to add value at every stage; as single products, bundled combinations or modular add-ons that are seamlessly integrated into our clients’ business. 

Discover how our assitance products can give added value to your business and improve the relationship with your clients. Our mission is to support our partners' strategy by providing comprehensive insurance worldwide, as well as service solutions aimed at their clients and employees, based on a deep understanding of your value chain.

Automotive Innovation Centre

Our strategy is to implement the B2B2C global market standard to integrate it with global strategic partners to develop comprehensive solutions that combine insurance, assistance and technology for your customers and employees. Our promise as strategic partner is to contribute directly to the growth of your business, offering comprehensive solutions that combine insurance, assistance and technology to protect and care for your customers and employees worldwide, 24/7.

Through innovation and research, we constantly develop initiatives to be a step ahead and improve our services.