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We have worked together with travel service providers for more than 50 years, seeking to innovate every step of the way. The rise of online sales and the emergence of major online operators have radically changed the way travel agencies work, how they work, and what they need. With our experience, our global reach and technological advances we provide the best offer for these channels.

Our knowledge of travel operators and the daily challenges they face enables us to think creatively, continually innovate, and adapt our solutions quickly to anticipate life's unpredictable events.

If you are a travel agency, tour operator or airline, we have exactly what you need, we have more than 50 years of experience in the market providing our services to thousands of travelers a year.

Travel agencies

We know how the travel business works and we understand what you are looking for, as well as the constant changes and challenges in the industry. Our historical and current understanding of your business allows us to think creatively, continually innovate, and quickly adapt our solutions to meet all of your needs. It has our unparalleled track record, our global reach, and technological advancements.

Some of the products for travel agencies (can be offered as individuals or for groups and thus create a more personalized commercial offer):

  • Trip cancellation
  • Luggage loss
  • Medical assistance & repatriation
  • Airline connection loss
  •  Flight departure delay
  • Concierge
  • Touristic assistance
Tour operators

The most comprehensive and competitive travel insurance business and travel assistance programs available for marketing through the offline and online channels of our strategic partners.

The programs designed by the Tour Operators require the indispensable complement of travel insurance. A benefit both for the organizer of the trip, which will ensure the necessary coverage for the traveler, as well as for the insured, who will access a trip with greater and better guarantees.

There are many ingredients that are part of a trip designed at the tour operation level, for this reason, Allianz Partners advises the agencies designing a strategy to reduce as much as possible the cost of the insurance included or increasing the sale of optional insurance, which will contribute Extraordinary income from the sale of the package, increasing service and quality.


Not only have we been working with airlines like yours for decades, we have also kept pace, day by day, with a rapidly changing world. We are fully aware of the impact that these new challenges have on your business. Environmental constraints, variations in oil prices, and the economy in general are major ongoing challenges, as are online sales, redefining your market, how you do business, and how your customers behave.

Since the Internet boom, our relationship has been reinforced with an exponential increase in online sales of our products, which represents an increasingly important part of your additional income. As a world leader in this segment, we understand that your challenge, and ours, is to continue increasing this income, which means maintaining this business model in the long term.

We constantly build custom solutions to simplify your life as much as possible. Our solutions range from respecting the legal complexity of insurance obligations worldwide and the requirements associated with financial flows, to technical integration and product solutions adapted to different markets.

Our airline products (can be offered as individual services or as groups for a more personalized commercial offer):

  • Trip cancellation
  •  Luggage loss
  • Medical assistance & repatriation
  •  Airline connection loss
  •  Flight departure delay
  •  Concierge
  • Tourism assistance