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Allianz Partners Mexico

We go beyond offering traditional insurance and assistance products, we aim to redefine help and humanize insurance, always with our customer at the core of our offers. As the caring experts of the Allianz Group, our assistance experience distinguishes us.

Our wide product variety allows us to adapt to our partners needs. If you are looking to increase the loyalty of your customers or employees, grow your income and add value to your products, you are in the right place! We protect your clients as if they were ours, making your life and theirs much simpler and safer. 

The Coronavirus COVID-19 was first identified on January 7, 2020. Since that time, its spread across the globe has been rapid and pervasive. On March 11, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared COVID-19 A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. A new strain, previously unidentified in humans, Coronavirus COVID-19 causes adverse affects similar to the influenza virus. Common signs of infection include:

  • respiratory symptoms
  • shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing
  • fever
  • cough

The Traffic Light of epidemiological risk to move towards a new normality, is a monitoring system to regulate the use of public space according to the risk of contagion of COVID-19.

This traffic light will be depending on each state and is made up by the following four colors:


Only essential economic activities will be allowed, and people will also be allowed to walk around their homes during the day.


In addition to essential economic activities, companies in non-essential economic activities will be allowed to work with 30% of the staff for their operation, always taking into account the maximum care measures for people most at risk of presenting a serious picture of COVID-19, open public spaces will be opened with a reduced capacity.


All work activities are allowed, taking care of people with the highest risk of presenting a severe condition of COVID-19. The open public space is opened on a regular basis, and closed public spaces can be opened with reduced capacity. As in other traffic light colors, these activities should be carried out with basic preventive measures and maximum care for people with the highest risk of presenting a severe condition of COVID-19.


All activities are allowed, including school activities.