As part of our commitment to meritocracy, inclusion, and insertion in society, and in order to foster the culture of schooling of young people, at Allianz Partners we have decided to support the Karibujua educational project in Kenya.  Education is a fundamental right but it is not always available to everyone in such an isolated area as the Lower Tana Delta. Transportation difficulties and lack of electricity and primary resources weigh heavily on the finances of families; the cost of Primary School is, for many families, expensive and, for Secondary School, it can become prohibitive: the educational facilities are actually hundreds of miles away and young people have to move there for the entire period of their studies. 

As too many children are unable to continue in their schooling, Karibujua has decided to give to some worthy students, chosen from the 8 Primary Schools of the Lower Tana Delta, the possibility of attending Secondary School.

Since 2011 they have been able to achieve several good results in the areas of Mbulia and Lower Tana Delta in Kenya: 26 students have the opportunity of studying in the Secondary Schools of Malindi.