Corporate Social Responsibility

The Allianz Group, internationally, expresses its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility through three main pillars: the promotion of a low-carbon economy, social inclusion (particularly with the “encouraging future generations” initiative), and the integration of ESG (environment, social and governance) principles into the insurance and asset management business.
To find out more, read the Annual Sustainability Report

Part of the Group, Allianz Partners has made Corporate Social Responsibility issues a characterising and essential element of its business style.

In relation to Citizenship, with a focus on Diversity & Inclusion, the company believes that diversities are fundamental to growth and innovation, developing different initiatives inside and outside the organisation, in support of young people, via education, environment, diversities in terms of gender equality, but also in terms of disabilities. The company integrates within it different nationalities and backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, ages, religious beliefs, education levels, sexual orientations and disabilities, and it is engaged in external initiatives aimed at encouraging cultural exchange on gender equality, disability, diversity management (LGBT) and human rights violence (of women and children).
Check out some of our initiatives in this field.

Project Abroad supported by Allianz Partners Australia
Allianz Partners supports Obiettivo3, a project that aims to recruit and support disabled persons wanting to undertake sporting activity.
Allianz Partners supports the ActionAid programme in protection of women's rights and against violence in general in Italy.
Angle Tree support from Allianz Parters USA
Allianz Partners promotes the Valeria Solesin Award, a university competition that analyses the labour market from a gender perspective.
Allianz Partners Japan colleagues volunteer for 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games
MyLight, a project implemented by Allianz Partners dedicated to recruiting employees with visual impairments.
Volunteer oppotunities from Allianz Partners USA
Allianz Partners supports the dream of Arjola and Emanuele, to wear Italy's colours at the Paralympic Games.
Allianz Automotive's charity program
Supporting the social reintegration of women and educational activities in schools, useful for disseminating a culture of gender equality.
Allianz Partners USA volunteers for Rise Against Hunger
Allianz Partners collaborates with AzzeroCO2 to implement the carbon footprint strategy in support of the Planet.
Allianz Partners France sponsorship programs
Allianz Partners collaborates with "Parks - Liberi e Uguali", to develop strategies and good practices respectful of LGBT diversity.